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Raising awareness and finding answers through genetics and integrative medicine.

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The Doctors & Staff At Bio-Individualized Medicine

The Center for Bio Individualized Medicine  provides alternative health care including functional medicine, applied kinesiology, cranial manipulation, nutritional counseling, nutritional neuromodulation, neurotransmitter urine testing, hair analysis, & more. Practitioners of this paradigm, Dr. Jess Armine, Dr. Kashurba MD,  and Sean Bean, have extensive experience and are available to assist you.


Through uniquely tailored therapies and a Holistic, Functional, and Integrative approach, we can  treat and solve your health issues, leading you on the path to wellness.  


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Our Store GRAND OPENING is  April 25th! Get your supplements and more delivered right to your door, and order from the comfort of your home. Privacy guaranteed.

The Center for Bio-Individualized Medicine
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